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Erica, America’s Next Top Model?

It is my honor to introduce you to another wonderful young lady, Erica. Erica turns out to be the second client I had the privilege of photographing. Her dream was to get on the reality TV show, America’s Next Top Model. Thus was the reason she reached out to me. She needed some images to go with her application for the show. I was so blessed that she had the faith in me to help deliver some images to the producers of the show. Unfortunately, it turned out that she was not what they were looking for and didn’t get on the show. I feel it’s because she wasn’t a drama queen and not flaky enough to be on the show. As we all can see, she is definitely beautiful enough.

To try and cover as many looks as possible, Erica and I had a marathon session. Our session went over 9 hours, which is something I normally would never try to do. However, she was in a bit of a rush in having some images turned into ATM. So we went for getting as many looks as possible. In that time we covered standard headshots, glamour head shots, in-door location, out-door location, and had a play with ghostly images once it got dark outside.

The makeup for the glamour work was done by Erica’s bestie Aubrey. I thought that with her facial structure we could pull this image off with the feather boa wrap. This is still one of my favorite images even after many years, hundreds of sessions, and thousands of images.

Without further ado, I present to you images from my second client the simply marvelous Erica!
Photographically yours,

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