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Matt To Intense For Most

If you think you’re ready, I want to introduce you to Matt. I worked with Matt in Springfield, MO. for a couple of years. Matt was a lot of fun to work with and he loved walking on the edge. He is a guy who is totally driven to push life to the boundaries and see how close he can get to the edge without falling. Matt’s passion was building motorcycles, he often referred to some of his projects as rat bikes. However, we called them suicide bikes, but that just shows how far on the edge Matt lives.

I approached Matt about doing a photo session and told him I wanted to capture the edgy rawness of his personality. Needless to say, Matt was all in for the idea. I told him to just bring himself and some attitude, and oh whoa did he deliver. The session used only 2 lights, one light was for the backgrounds with colored gels, and the other was the key light on Matt. We shot about 75 images in around 15 minutes and it was done. The easiest session I’ve ever done, not only was the session fast and easy, but so was the editing. As far as editing, I only cropped the images, no color corrections, retouching, or any of that stuff. I wanted to leave these images much like Matt’s personality, raw and unfiltered.

Matt loved the images. I hope you do as well, but I also realize these aren’t everyone’s cup of tea.

Photographically yours,

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