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Gee! Need I Say More?

Gee came to me looking to start a modeling portfolio. She explained to me that she was in a difficult time in her life and was going through a divorce. She was looking for something to help uplift her spirits and modeling was a childhood dream of hers growing up in Italy. So we set up a meeting at a bar and grill outside downtown Pittsburgh to plan the session.

For our meet and greet, I brought along my portfolio for her to look over as we enjoyed a hamburger, fries, a couple of cold ones, and good company. By the end of the meal, we had a game plan set with a time and date. I must say after meeting with her, I was pretty excited and looking forward to our session.

The big day arrived and all I could say was, “Gee, she was amazing!” This girl was a natural model, it was like she had been modeling all her life. I found it hard to believe it was her first-ever session. I didn’t even bother giving her any direction. She effortlessly went from one pose to another and I didn’t want to break up the flow. So I just let her do her thing. I knew during the session we would have a ton of good images and cutting them down to 15 to 20 for finished products was going to be hard.

So I want to share with you a dozen or so of the images Gee decided to use to start her portfolio. For additional variety, I have done a few different post-processes during editing. We hope you like our creations!

Photographically yours,

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