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There Is Always Something to Shoot

I’m not the guy who spends a lot of time online using social media or photography-orientated websites. It’s mostly because I don’t care for the drama and the same old questions asked repeatedly. I also feel that spending too much time online is a diversion from using my time more wisely to create images.

When I am online, I often see people stating they don’t have anything to shoot. That is a total copout. There is always something you can shoot. You can find inspiration everywhere you look. While you are online you should be looking for inspiration. I think the problem lies with the notion that you have to create something never seen before. I’m going to B.S. on this idea. Just because it’s been done before doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t try it too.

I believe in the notion if you find something inspirational you should give it a try. I also believe that trying to recreate an image is a great learning tool. The more you branch out and photograph different ideas, concepts, and genres the better you will become as a photographer.

If you are doing the same thing over and over, day after day, photography becomes stale and boring. You start to lose the creative process and eventually the love for photography. I highly encourage you to try different things. If you are only photographing people, try macro photography of flowers and insects. There is a whole world of things to go out and photograph, landscapes, night photography, products, etc…

To practice what I preach here are some images I created with soap bubbles and splash photography. What’s cool about these, is everyone is doing the same things, but getting unique images.

I hope you enjoy these fun and easy-to-create images.

Photographically yours,

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