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Chasing Fall Colors

I love autumn, no doubt about it, it’s my favorite season. The weather is perfect for me, not too hot nor too cold. Football season gets underway and it’s a great time to be out at the grill. However, for the photographer, the change in seasons brings out the beautiful fall colors we love to capture.

The colors of fall I believe are what most of us photographers dream of capturing. However, living in SW PA, the time to catch them at their peak is like a game of cat and mouse. Here there are only a few days when the colors are at their peak. Oftentimes when the fall colors hit their peak, the weather decides to through a wrench into your well-thought-out plans.

To capture the vibrant colors of fall you have to be diligent in search of your quest. If you can get out every day when it’s close to the time the peak colors arrive increases your chance of capturing some splendid images. Then you need to keep your fingers crossed that the weather isn’t too bright and sunny, or too rainy and dreary. The perfect weather is overcast, but not raining. This is when the colors pop and there isn’t a lot of contrast that presents problems like blown-out highlights and dark areas without any detail.

With all that’s been said, I’ve started my quest in hopes of catching and recording some of those beautiful fall images. When going out for my daily walks, I bring along one of my cameras and a single lens. For this post, I was out with my Pentax K1D and my Pentax 50mm F1.4 lens. Here are some images from my daily walk ‘n snap as I record the daily changes in the foliage. I hope you enjoy these, as always I’m open to your comments, suggestions, and questions.

Photographically yours,

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